Along Comes Windows 7 and the troubles too!

Along comes Windows 7 and the most prevalent question i hear is: How many drivers are not working on it? How many applications have problem running on it. Well the regular questions like, how long does it take to boot and Does it hang as often as Vista are still the most often asked questions. I was more interested in the first two questions.

Many people bought/sold applications which used to run on previous installments of Windows. Those applications might not be working on Windows 7. If it is a very famous application, the developers will be working around the clock to fix it. What if someone ordered a custom application for their office need and it doesn’t work any more? What if vendor asks new license fee to make it work for Windows 7? I get it those are a lot of questions. There is a not so well -know application called VMware ThinApp .  (They have a 60 day trial available at : They have a simple and elegant way to convert applications that run on old versions of windows to thin virtual applications and make them run on Windows 7.

The main use of this tool is to save the amount of time it takes to develop and test that application for Windows 7. This would be a very big deal in leading technology companies. For companies which ordered a custom app from a vendor, need not pay that company again to make that app run on Windows 7. Using this anyone can make that application run on Windows 7 and hence save some money too. Other advantage of this tool is that you can install applications on USB stick and then carry it along with you. Via this method one can run it on any machine.

I used this to convert the MG-Soft MIB Browser tool to a thin app. This tool (the particular version i had at hand) was not installing on Windows 7. In less than 10 minutes i was able to make it work on Windows 7. Anyone who needs some help in making applications run on Windows 7 should try this.
As usual please leave a comment if this helps.


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