Web Development: A Crazy World

After leaving Raritan I’ve been in the process of retooling.  Used Java/Applets, Flash/Flex and now I know I have to move on to html5 and mobile.  While reading about all the possible tools/frameworks I have to learn, I came across the below rant on a discussion about this topic on Hacker News.  The below comment was very amusing/appropriate and to the point:

I agree, I can’t keep up, I just finished learning backbone.js and now I’ve found out on HN that it’s old news, and I should use ember.js, cross that, it has opinions, I should use Meteor, no, AngularJS, no, Tower.js (on node.js), and for html templates I need handlebars, no mustache, wait, DoT.js is better, hang on, why do I need an HTML parser inside the browser? isn’t that what the browser for? so no HTML templates? ok, DOM snippets, fine, Web Components you say? W3C are in the game too? you mean write REGULAR JavaScript like the Google guys? yuck, oh, I just should write it with CofeeScript and it will look ok, not Coffee? Coco? LiveScript? DART? GWT? ok, let me just go back to Ruby on Rails, oh it doesn’t scale? Grails? Groovy? Roo? too “Springy?” ok, what about node.js? doesn’t scale either?? but I can write client side, server side and mongodb side code in the same language? (but does it have to be JavaScript?) ok, what about PHP, you say it’s not really thread safe? they lie?? ok, let me go back to server coding, it’s still Java right? no? Lisp? oh it’s called Clojure? well, it has a Bridge / protocol buffers / thrift implementation so we can be language agnostic, so we can support our Haskell developers. Or just go with Scala/Lift/Play it’s the BEST framework (Foresquare use it, so it has to be good). of course we won’t do SOAP and will use only JSON RESTful services cause it’s only for banks and Walmart, and god forbid to use a SQL database it will never scale I’ve had it, I’m going to outsource this project… they will probably use a wordpress template and copy paste jQuery to get me the same exact result without the headache and in halfquarter the price
p.s. it would have been a longer rant today, I have lot of new things to add to it, sadly things didn’t get any better: Now I’m trying to choose between yeoman and brunch, coffeescript vs livescript vs typescript, LESS vs Sass vs Scss vs stylus, Haml vs Jasmine vs that weird language called HTML, testacular vs mocha, fixtures vs mocks, RequireJS vs CommonJS, with almonds or without, I started using underscore then figured out it’s already “old school” and I need to actually use lo-dash. So I think I’m going to take your advice ;).


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